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BioVisionAlexandria 2018
New Life Sciences: Towards SDGs
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List of Speakers

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Abou Sabaa, Aly  Director General, International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)
AbuZeid, Khaled  Senior Regional Director, Water Resources, Center for Environment & Development for Arab Region & Europe (CEDARE) Egypt
Aguib, Yasmine  Head of Life Sciences Department - Deputy Director,Molecular Research
Aliko, Blerta  UN Women Country Representative, Egypt Country Office
Amer, Pakinam  Chief Editor, Nature Middle East
Ammann, Biljana Papazov  -- Switzerland
Ammann, Klaus  Chairman, Section on Biodiversity, European Federation of Biotechnology EFB
Anestidou, Lida  Senior Program Officer, Institute for Laboratory Animal Research United States of America
Anhoury, Pierre  International Liaison Officer, Institut Curie
Aradottir, Gia  Research Scientist, Biointeractions and Crop Protection, Rothamsted Research United Kingdom
Asem, Samira Omar  Director, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research Kuwait
Ataguba, John Ele-Ojo  Associate Professor, Health Economics Unit, School of Public Health and Family Medicine, University of Cape Town
South Africa
Aziz, Ramy  Professor and Chair, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University
Azzazy, Hassan  Professor, School of Sciences and Engineering, American University in Cairo (AUC) Egypt
Bahgat, Mahmoud  Professor, Philipps-Universität Marburg and Professor of Biochemistry, Therapeutic Chemistry Department, Division of Pharmaceutical and Drug Industries Research, National Research Centre
Benoit, Jean-Pierre  Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the University of Angers
Bhira, Saïd  Special Counselor to the Secretary General for Higher Education and Research, The Union for the Mediterranean Spain
Birnstingl, Birgit  Chief Executive Officer, Sekem Energy
Cangelosi, Angelo  Professor, Artificial Intelligence and Cognition, School of Computing and Mathematics, Plymouth University
United Kingdom
Catley-Carlson, Margaret  Chair, Board PAC Canada
Cocking, Edward   Research Professor, Faculty of Science, School of Biosciences, Life Sciences Building, University of Nottingham United Kingdom
Connell, Nancy  Visiting Research Scholar, U.S. National Academy of Sciences United States of America
Conway, Gordon  Professor for International Development, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College
United Kingdom
Datta, Swapan  Vice Chancellor, Visva-Bharati University
Degelsegger-Márquez, Alexander  Head of Department Austria
Delawar, Sherif  Visiting professor of management at the Arab Academy for Sciences and Technology and the Senghor University
Diab, Roseanne  Executive Officer, Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)
South Africa
Dictus, Richard  UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative, Arab Republic of Egypt Egypt
Diop, Salif  Former Senior Staff Member, Scientific Assessment Branch, Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - President of Commission/ANSTS
Dubock , Adrian  Executive Secretary, Golden Rice Project
El Ashry, El Sayed  Professor of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University
El Fawal , Hassan  Professor and Dean, School of Sciences and Engineering, American University in Cairo
El Feki, Mostafa  Director, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Egypt
El Kateb, Hany  Technical University of Munich Germany
El-Atfy, Hussein  Former Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt and Secretary General, Arab Water Council (AWC) Egypt
El-Badri, Nagwa  Founding Chair, The Biomedical Sciences Program, University of Science and Technology, Zewail City of Science and Technology
El-Baz, Farouk  Director, Center for Remote Sensing, Boston University United States of America
El-Beltagy, Adel  Chair, The International Drylands Development Commission (IDDC) Egypt
El-Faham, Mohamed  Senior Expert, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Egypt
Elhadidy, Mohamed  Associate Professor of Microbiology, College of Veterinary , Mansoura University
Elliott, Malcolm  Founding Director, The Norman Borlaug Institute for Global Food Security United Kingdom
Elshahed, Mostafa  Professor, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Oklahoma State University
United States of America
El-Sharoud, Walid  Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University and Biology Editor of Science Progress
El-Shibiny, Ayman  Professor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Science and Technology, Zewail City of Science and Technology
El-Shinawi, Mohamed  Professor of General Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University and Advisor to Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for International Collaborations and Agreements
El-Zoheiry, Abdelhamid  President, Euro-Mediterranean University of Slovenia Slovenia
Fanaky, Nourhan  Vice President, Pharos University and Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University Egypt
Farag, Mohamed  Professor, Chemistry Department, American University in Cairo Egypt
Fedoroff, Nina  Senior Science Advisor, OFW Law and Emeritus Professor of Biology, Department of Biology, Eberly College of Science, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University United States of America
Fickert, Lothar  Professor and Dean, Electrical Plants and Grits, Graz University of Technology
Flink, Tim  Senior Researcher Germany
Ghoneim, Mohamed  Member of the Presidential Advisory Council, Professor Emeritus of Urology, Mansoura University Egypt
Griset, Pascal  Professor, Sorbonne University France
Halim, Yehia  Senior Expert, Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Hamdan, Mohammad  Senator in the Upper House of Jordan’s Parliament, TWAS Arab Vice-President for the Arab Region, Senior Advisor, Arab Open University (AOU) Jordan
Hamzah, Riyad Yousif  President, University of Bahrain Bahrain
Hassan, Mohamed  Founding Executive Director, The World Academy of Sciences for the Advancement of Science in Developing Countries (TWAS) Italy
Hassouna, Salah  Professor Emeritus of Industrial and Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Studies Department, Institute of Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR), Alexandria University
Hussain, Saber  Professor United States of America
Jabbour, Jean Yaacoub  WHO Representative, Egypt - WHO Country Office
Johnson, Ray  Executive Director, QxBranch United States of America
Joseph Wafula, Muliaro  Director, ICT Centre of Excellence and Open Data, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Kakarougkas, Andreas  Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, School of Sciences and Engineering, The American University in Cairo
Kana, Musa  Associate Professor
Kandil, Sherif  Professor of Material Science, The Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Kasim, Samar  Professor, Ain Shams University
Kassem, Heba  Professor of Medical Genetics and Director, Clinical Genomic Centre, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University
Kent, Alastair  Independent Patient Engagement Consultant
United Kingdom
KEPES, François  Member, The National Academy of Technologies of France
Khalil, Yasser  Director, Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East – SESAME
Khamis, Alaa  Senior Advanced Technology Specialist, General Motors
Kheddar, Abderrahmane  Director of Research
Kilama, John  Director and Founder, Kilama International Consulting Group (KICG) United States of America
LaPorte, Ronald  Professor Emeritus, Department of Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh United States of America
León-Carrión, José  Chair, Department of Experimental Psychology, Human Neuropsychology Laboratory, School of Psychology, University of Seville
Linkov, Faina  Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
United States of America
Luckscheiter, Roman  Director, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Cairo Regional office Egypt
Madkour, Magdy  Professor, Arid Lands Agricultural Research Institute (ALARI), Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University Egypt
Maphosa, Stanley  International and National Liaison Manager, Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)
South Africa
Mavridis, Nikolaos  Founder, Director, Interactive Robots and Media Lab
United Arab Emirates
McGrath, Peter  Coordinator, IAP, TWAS Science Policy/Science Diplomacy Programme, The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)
Molokhia, Abdulla  Vice President for Research and Quality Affairs, Pharco Pharmaceuticals
Moran, James  Associate Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies Belgium
Moustafa, Ahmed  Associate Professor, Department of Biology, American University in Cairo
Nelson, Karen  President, the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) United States of America
Neubauer, Peter  Professor
Petersen, Bent  Associate Professor and Head of Studies Human Life Science Engineering, Department of Bio and Health Informatics, Technical University of Denmark
Piuri, Mariana  Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires
Rangan , Latha  Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Ruffier, Franck  CNRS Research Scientist, The National Center for Scientific Research France
Russo, Maria Cristina  Director for International Cooperation Directorate, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission Belgium
Sakr, Mahmoud  President, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology Egypt
Sauer, Francois  Founder, Sauer & Associates LLC
United States of America
Sedky, Sherif  Executive President, Zewail City of Science and Technology Egypt
Serageldin, Ismail  Founding Director Emeritus, Library of Alexandria Egypt
Sewilam, Hani  Professor and Academic Director, Department of Engineering Hydrology
Shepherd, Robert K.  Principal Scientist, Bionics Institute Australia
Shubnikov, Eugene  Research Scientist, SibDiab
Siam, Rania  Professor and Chair, Department of Biology, School of Sciences and Engineering, The American University in Cairo
Smith, Ina  Project Manager, African Open Science Platform, Academy of Science of South Africa
South Africa
Soliman, Salah  Senior Expert, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Egypt
Soror, Sameh  Head, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University
Turjanski, Adrián  Director, The Argentinian Bioinformatic Platform and adjunct Investigator, National Scientific and Technical, Research Council
Van Montagu, Marc  Emeritus Professor, Ghent University, President, Institute of Plant Biotechnology for Developing Countries (IPBO)
Varshney, Rajeev  Research Program Director for Genetic Gains, International crops Research Institute for The Semi-Arid Tropics
Waseem A. Halmy, Marwa  Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University
Yahia, Mohammed  Executive Editor, Nature Research Middle East
Zanaty, Mennat  Assistant Researcher, Technical Office, Bibliotheca Alexandrina