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Hot summers

31 July 2007
Wildfires cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage every year. The amount of destruction has grown over the past 2 decades, especially in the western United States.

Hubble Observes a Dusty Star

30 July 2007
Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope and the giant W.M. Keck Observatory have found an irregular disk of debris around a young star known as HD 15115. As viewed from Earth, the edge-on disk resembles a needle sticking out from the star.

Across the Magnificent Rings of Saturn

29 July 2007
NASA recently published a fascinating image of Saturn, the ringed giant, acquired by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft. The image shows a surge in brightness on the sunlit side of the rings. It is located directly opposite the Sun from Cassini.

An Interesting Image of a Small Moon

28 July 2007
NASA recently published a new image of Mimas, a small, intriguing moon of Saturn. The image was acquired by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft. The image is an oblique view of the battered icy moon.

An Interesting Sunset Observation

26 July 2007
On 11 July 2007, Senior BA Astronomy Specialist, Aymen Ibrahem, observed sunset from the Plaza of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. A large ship cruised between him and the setting Sun, producing an interesting optical effect.

A Ghost Star

25 July 2007
On 8 July 2007, BA Senior Astronomy Specialist Aymen Ibrahem, made an interesting observation of sunset. There were clouds across the western horizon, rendering the setting Sun a fascinating appearance.

A Martian Challenge

23 July 2007
NASA's twin Mars Exploration Rovers, which have been exploring the Red Planet since January 2004, are now facing an epic challenge. For nearly a month, a series of severe Martian summer dust storms has affected the rover Opportunity and, to a lesser extent, its companion, Spirit.

Discovery of the 60th Moon of Saturn

22 July 2007
NASA recently published an intriguing sequence of images, acquired by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft, showing the discovery of the 60th moon of Saturn. It is expected that more new Saturnian moons would be discovered with continued observation.

Kite to the Moon

20 July 2007
On 17 July 2007, there was a dazzling conjunction of the Moon and Venus in the Egyptian skies. The Moon was only a few degrees to the northeast of Venus.BA Senior Astronomy Specialist, Aymen Ibrahem, pictured the fascinating view, producing numerous interesting photos.

Hubble Pictures Cosmic Fireworks in a Dwarf Galaxy

19 July 2007
NASA recently published a spectacular image of the dwarf galaxy NGC 4449, acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). The colorful image shows hundreds of thousands of blue and red stars, resembling a dazzling display of fireworks. NGC 4449 is very near, by cosmic standards. It is "only" about 12.5 million light years away.

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