Solar Energy, the Primadonna Power: a lecture by Dr. Hermann Scheer

From: 09 July 2008 To: 09 July 2008

Photovoltaic energy (PV) is the primadonna of renewable energy technology. Currently, it only generates just a small part of total renewable energy  supply, less than wind, hydro power or biomass. It also bears by far the biggest potential, larger than that of all other renewable energy sources,  larger than anything to which fossil fuels and nuclear power could ever aspire. Photovoltaics are the most promising of all energy technologies, giving us the best option to overcome global energy crises.

AlexScope Seminar

From: 18 June 2007 To: 18 June 2007

AlexScope Seminar is a one-day series of lectures presented by the BA Planetarium Science Center, in co-operation with IEEE, representing interesting engineering topics for both specialists as well as the interested public.

"Selling Science to the Public", a lecture by Baroness Greenfield

From: 27 April 2007 To: 27 April 2007

On Friday, 27 April 2007, eminent scientist, Baroness Susan Greenfield, Director of the Royal Institution, delivered a lecture entitled "Selling Science to the Public" that was organized by the PSC to the general public.

"Our Place in the Universe", a lecture by Prof. John Barrow

From: 03 April 2007 To: 03 April 2007

On 3 April 2007, the PSC organized a lecture entitled "Our Place in the Universe" that was delivered by Prof. John Barrow, Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University and Director of the Millennium Mathematics Project, a new initiative to improve the understanding and appreciation of mathematics and its applications amongst young people and the general public.

"The Coming Revolutions in Fundemental Physics", by David Gross

From: 03 December 2006 To: 03 December 2006

The lecture evolved around the necessity to go beyond the standard model of particle physics and to understand quantum gravity has led to String Theory. This ambitious attempt to unify all the forces of nature and all forms of matter's different vibrations of a string-like object is still in a pre-revolutionary stage. Although remarkable progress has been achieved in the last decade in understanding the perturbative and non-perturbative structure of String Theory, we still lack a fundamental understanding of the theory. Many string theorists suspect that a profound conceptual change in our concept of space and time will be required for the final formulation of string theory.

Red Tide and Human Health

From: 20 November 2006 To: 20 November 2006

The National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF) is organizing a seminar on “Red Tide and Human Health”, in cooperation with the Planetarium Science Center at the BA and the American Center Alexandria (ACA). The seminar seeks to identify areas of red tide occurrences and the types of toxins secreted across Egyptian waters, and discuss efforts to use remote sensing to create a biological map of Egyptian waters added to the marine database. Such a plan would be geared toward environmental detection of toxic red tides throughout the year.

"Women in Science" Lecture

From: 01 November 2006 To: 01 November 2006

It is through success stories that generations are inspired; and inspiration is always followed by innovation and creativity; key tools for the 21st Century. “Women in Science”, a lecture by Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, intends to shed a light on women’s achievements, and success stories in different fields, also to highlight, acknowledge, and address the impediments that may still exist on their path for freedom and equality.

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