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Collection Development of Electronic Resources and Services in Libraries

From 28 Mar 2019 To 28 Mar 2019

Duration: 4 hours - Deadline for registeration: 27 Mar 2019

Provided by: Networks and Outreach
Course - Open - Open for registeration - Available in Arabic

Target audience



Academic or professional knowledge of library science.

The Course discusses the impact of electronic publishing on library collection development policies. It introduces the various types of electronic resources, criteria for choosing this type of information resources, and rules for developing its collections in light of the general acquisition policy, as well as elements of evaluating the electronic content (in terms of attributes of the product, license of use, access methods, price, and more). The Course focuses on the use of the different databases characteristics, including search and display tools; then preview of search results, and access the final content of abstracts, full texts or other diverse information provided by the electronic resources. The Course also sheds light on how to formulate accurate and effective strategies to search the electronic databases according to each type, and their associated services in libraries.


The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to electronic resources
  • Types of electronic resources
  • Collection development policies for electronic resources
  • Management of electronic content

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