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IV. Infinitive as a verb

 A) Subject of the infinitive

The subject of the infinitive is not traditional as expressed in regular verbal sentences, but is expressed as an agent with the help of the preposition ‘by’.
Sdt Axw in Xryw- Hbt aSAw
Reciting of glorifications by numerous lector priests.
The subject of the infinitive is introduced by the preposition in, while the object Axw is represented by direct genitive. Sometimes the subject can be added as a direct genitive whether noun or pronoun (suffix).
m prt.f
At his going forth.

B) Object of the infinitive

The object is represented by direct genitive, as in case of pronouns, by the suffix.
Dd mdw
Saying words.
gmt.f in Hm.f
Finding him by his Majesty.