Learn Hieroglyphs

Comparative and Superlative

 I. Comparative

The preposition  r is used to render the meaning of the comparative. It expresses the meaning ‘more than’; and literally perhaps means ‘relatively to’.
nfr sy r snt.s
She is more beautiful than her sister.

II. Superlative

Egyptians have numerous ways to express the superlative meaning.
1) The word  wrt great is used to convey the meaning of "very".
nfr wrt
Very pretty
wrt was a more common way to express superlative in Egyptian texts.
2) The genitive, both direct and indirect, is used to express superlative
wr wrw
wr n wrw
Greatest of the great.
3) The word sp-sn ‘twice’ is also used to express superlative. It is usually added to avoid repetition of the adjective.
nfr sp-sn
Very beautiful.