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Enclitic particles

 The Ancient Egyptian language has different types of particles, among which were named "Enclitic particles". This group of particles cannot be as the first word in a sentence. They stand near the beginning of a sentence, and need the support of a preceding word.

1)  A indeed
4 nw sp A m spr n.k
The fourth time, I am petitioning to you.
2)  irf rf then
in nn rf aq.i
Shall I not enter?
3)  is indeed
Hwrw n is mitw.k
The humble man is not like you.
4)   wnnt indeed
ink wnnt sr(i) aA n ib.f
I am really an employee, his heart is great.
5)   m
wDA m ib.k
May your heart be prosperous!
6)   ms surely
iw ms rmT mi gmw
Surely, people are like black Ibis.
7)   Hm indeed
iw .i Hm r irt Xnt.i
Indeed, I will make my rowing
8)  swt but
nn swt qn grH
But, there is not a brave at night.
9)  gr, grt
nTr pw grt nn 2nw.f
Moreover, he is a god, his second not.
10)  tr forsooth, I wonder
This particle occurs exclusively in questions, and is usually not translated. It is used in clauses with verbal and nonverbal predicates.
tm.k tr sDm(.w) Hr-m
Why, do not you hear?