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Phonetic Complement

Sound signs can be used as sound complements (or phonetic complements) indicating the sound conveyed by other phonograms. In the  sign, it is added to flesh out the r of pr and in  the one-consonant sign  and are used to flesh out fr of nfr. In , the  is added to flesh out the r in Hr.

Sound complement can be added in three ways:

1. Before the phonograms

Many such cases are well documented in Old Kingdom texts. This phoneme was used in Middle Kingdom texts.


tm (tsound complement + tmphonogram)

2. Sound Complement added after the phonograms

This usage is a common feature in the inscriptions of the Old and Middle Kingdoms.


pA (pA phonogram + A sound complement).

mn (mn phonogram + n sound complement).

3. Sound Complement added before and after the phonograms

This is a rare way in which Egyptians tried to flesh out consonants in bilateral or triliteral signs.



(i sound complement + in phonogram + sound)