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Sentence with adjectival predicate

 The adjective which precedes the (subject), noun or dependent pronoun second and third person as a real predicate, those following the first person independent pronoun, are included while the subject is the independent pronoun.

nfr Hrrt tn
This flower is beautiful.
· Adjectival predicate + Dependent pronoun (subject)
wr tn
You are great.
· Independent pronoun first person subject + adjectival predicate
ink nfr
I am good.
· Adjectival predicate may be accompanied by the exclamatory ending  wy.
nfr.wy pr.k
How beautiful is your house.
nfr.wy st
How beautiful is it.
Negation of the sentence with an adjectival predicate:
The sentence with an adjectival predicate is negated by means of  ….  (n ….. is).
n wsx is pw
It is not broad.