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III. The Verb and its object

The verb is a basic component of Egyptian verbal phrases as is the case in other Semitic languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. In verbal sentences, the normal word order is:
Verb + Subject + object and/or adverb or adverbial phrase.
The meaning of verbs did not only affect their stem-form, but also distinguished their grammar. The following distinctions can be observed:

1) Transitive verbs

are those, which take a direct object.
iw wp.n.f r.f r.i
He opened his mouth against me.
ist r.f hAb.n Hm.f mSa r….
Now his Majesty had sent an army to ...

2)  Intransitive verbs

are those, without an object. This in itself can be divided into:
    a) Verbs of motion Sm ‘to go’, aHa ‘stand’
    b) Adjective verbs aAi ‘be great’. Some of these verbs can be followed by an object and therefore are not real intransitives.
mk pH.n.n r xnw
Behold, we have reached the residence.
pr.n.f m pr.f
He went out from his house.