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Sentence with an adverbial predicate

 The adverbial predicate consists of preposition + noun or pronoun or adverb.


Your father is in the boat.
it.k m dpt
I am with you
iw.i Hna.k
My brother is there.
sn.i im
iw.i m pr Hna sn.i
I am in the house with my brother.
The main phrase is iw.i m pr, consisting of a subject and adverbial predicate, and Hna sn.i is an adverbial phrase. There are two kinds of sentences with an adverbial predicate.
Negation of the sentence with an adverbial predicate:
In the negation of the sentence with an adverbial predicate, the word  nn is before the subject, which may either be a noun or dependent pronoun.
nn s(y) m st.s
It is not in its place.