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III. Infinitive as a noun

 A) As an object of certain verbs

The infinitive can be used as the object of a transitive verb. This use is most often found after the following kinds of verbs:
To know
To see
To like
To find
To give
To fear
To desire
To repeat
Ab.n Hm.i irt mnw n (i)t.i imn-ra
My Majesty has desired to make a monument for my father Amun-Re.
iw mA.i SAd Hrt nt Hm.f
I saw to the excavation of the tomb of His Majesty.

B) Infinitive after preposition

1) In verbal sentences

ist Xd.n Hm.f Hr HAk dmiw
Lo, His Majesty went northwards plundering (lit. on plundering) towns.
HAq + infinitive here express a concomitant circumstance, when action of the infinitive occurs in the same tense of the main clause.
gm.n.f s wm pr tm sbA n pr.f
He found him going forth from the door of his house.
Here m takes the place of Hr with infinitive prt which is derived from verb of motion.
wDA Hm.f m xD r sXrt mntw sTt
‘His Majesty proceeded north to overthrow the Bedouins of Asia’.
Here the preposition r + infinitive express purpose or result.

2) In non-verbal sentence

Preposition + infinitive at the end of non-verbal sentences
nsw Hr prt
The King is upon going forth.
msH m iit
The crocodile is coming.
iw sA.f r iit
His son will be coming.
In each of the above sentences, the infinitive follows a preposition at the end of a nominal sentence and is treated as an adverbial predicate this type of sentence is known as Pseudo-Verbal Construction or P.V.C. The preposition m in the second sentence replaced the preposition Hr in the first sentence with the extra weak verb iit without any change in meaning. The preposition r is used to express a future meaning. It gives a different meaning when used within infinitive at the end of a verbal sentence where it expresses intent.

C) As a head caption for scenes, verses and titles in religious books

prt m hrw
Going forth during the day.

D) After a genitival adjective

wAt nt prt
The way of going out.

E) As a logical predicate in pw sentence

sDm pw ir.n.f
It is a hearing he made.